Dual Monitor wont work at same time as TV Tuner -AIW 7500



My other video card is a Voodoo3. P$ System with Via p400 mainboard.
I can either get TV tuner to work, by settign the AIW (AGP) as the
primary video adapter in Bios in whch case the second display wont
I can set the primary in BIOS to be the video adapter on PCI and then
I get dual monitors but not TV tuner.
Nothing I can do inm Display properties changes this situation.

Is this a known issue?
Has anyone else experienced this?
Is there a work-around or a simple solution I have overlooked.

Thank you for any help with this.


I have ATI AIW Pro Radeon AGP
2nd adapter is PCI VooDoo 3/3000
all working fine - AGP set in BIOS as primary
using drivers for the ATI supplied in WinXP and MMC v7


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