Dual boot win2000 and win98




i installed win98 on the first logical partition (d:). After that i wanted
to install win 2000 on the primary partition (c:) but during the win2000
setup i got an error message saying that the partition c: is corrupted and
that the install process can't continue. So i formatted that partition and
installed win2000 on it successfully. The problem is that now i can't start
win98 any more (although it's displayed in the win2000 boot menu). How can i
fix this? I thought to use the win98 startup diskette and issue the command
"sys c:", but that would overwrite the win2000 boot loader. I thought it's
better if i ask...

Btw, the win2000 boot.ini file is:

[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINNT="Microsoft Windows 2000
Professional" /fastdetect
C:\ = "Microsoft Windows"

Thanx for any suggestions

Ken Simmons [MSFT]

Hello Jure,

Note that when you formatted C: you removed all the Windows 98 system files.
Is C: an NTFS partition?


Ken Simmons

Microsoft Technical Support for Platforms and Business Applications

Pegasus \(MVP\)

jure said:
No. "C:" is fat32 and "D:" is fat16(it's only 0.5 Gb).

Here is how you can do it:
- Boot your PC with a Win98 boot disk from www.bootdisk.com.
- Run this command: sys c:. This will restore the Win98 boot capability.
- Get a copy of bootpart.exe from
- Run this command:
bootpart win95 c:\win98.sys "Windows 98"
This will create a Win98 boot sector file. It will also add a Win98
boot line into your boot selector c:\boot.ini.
- Run this command:
bootpart WinNT boot:c:
This will restore your Win2000 boot capability.

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