dsum with multiple criteria and decimals

Jul 21, 2011
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I have a problem with Dsum. I suppose that is because of regional settings. I am from Czech Republic and MS Access uses comma instead of dot in decimals digits. So expression

Kumulativne: DSum([Fehlerkosten];tblPoctyChybPareto;"[Fehlerkosten]>=" & [FehlerkostenTotal])

(Fehlerekosten is number field) returns #Error with msg: "Syntax mistake(comma) in expression [Fehlerkosten]>=27,26"

Is possible to fix it somehow? It worked, when i changed field Fehlerkosten into text type with proper formating ("[Fehlerkosten]>=""" & [FehlerkostenTotal]&"""") but then is impossible to make sum in pivot charts.

Second problem,which I have is with multiple criteria in dsum. I am using

"[Datum]=""" & [Datum] & """"

where Datum is text field identifiing a date in format YY-MM (ex 11-07 etc.) It is working just fine, but when I want to add a second criterium it makes just sum and ignores criteria.. what I wish working expression looking like this:

DSum("[Fehlerkosten]";"tblPoctyChybPareto";("[Fehlerkosten]>= " & [FehlerkostenTotal]) And ("[Datum]=""" & [Datum] & """"))

I will be grateful for any advice. It is turning me crazy :)
Thx a lot and sorry for bad English.


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