DSum update query with multiple fields

Oct 19, 2012
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I am have been hunting for help all day online, been down about 10 deadends and now I am just plain frustrated and I am at a loss. So, any help that I can get right now would be appreciated.

This is the problem: I am trying to run a update query adding the subtotals of 4 fields, all in the same table, to a 5th field, also in the same table, using the BusinessDate. "Nothing to fancy ... " I am learning this is not the case ....


field1 20
field2 10
field3 5
field4 0
total = 35
I need that "35" to update into a field that I have set up already in the same table.

Here is my query:
=DSum("Nz[field1],0) + Nz([field2],0) + Nz([field3],0) + Nz([field4])","Table1","[BusinessDate] = Date()")

When I paste this into the "update to" field in the query I get a "Unknown" error.

What in the blazes am I doing wrong????? :confused:

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