dsn issue with windows 7



Have an Access 2007 mdb (retained from A2003) that connects to SQL
Server 2005 using ODBC/DSN connection. Here is the connection string
that has been used for several years on xppro machines without

conn.ConnectionString =

There are 2 new machines that now have Windows 7 on them. During a
process that has been used for many years with very little change has
now begun to give intermittent errors. Even to the point of the
process starting and then stopping and giving the error below. The
proces is transferring a part from point A to point B. The error is;

[Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no
default driver specified.

The non-W7 machines (xppro) do not have any problems with the
process. The code will construct the DSN if it detects that the
proper DSN is not present. Which is what has occurred the years.
But, what I have noticed is the DSN does not show in the ODBC Data
Source Admin. Even adding a system DSN in W7 machine with the same
name as the one in xppro does not work.

The odbc is the 32 bit.

Going dsn-less would be a task that currently is not an option.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this or have a similar issue or come
across this error?


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