Drop Down menus



I hope someone can help me with this.
I have a spreadsheet that I have been working on and it has drop down menus.
There are three drops down menus in consequent order in three differents row
with rows in between them. I needed to ad more rows that were formatted like
these so I just copy and pasted them below the ones that were currently
there. There is a certain point on my spreadsheet that when I choose the
drop down menu to select the item I want, the others below automatically set
to like the one I am choosing working with above.
Does anyone know what I am doing wrong? Please help.




How did you create the original drop-downs? Was it by using Data Validation
within a cell, or by setting up a drop-down control from one of the toolboxes?

If from one of the toolboxes, I suspect that the linked cell recording the
selection made from the drop-down is remaining the same, so when you choose
from one of the drop-downs sharing a single 'record my change' address, all
that share that address now reflect the latest change made.

Right click one of the drop-down controls and choose:
(for controls created from the Controls Toolbox) [Properties]
(for controls created from the Forms tools) [Format Control]

In either case, once the next window opens, look for a value named
LinkedCell or "Cell Link". That address should be different for each of your
drop down controls.

If there's no entry for the value (LinkedCell/Cell Link), then I've guessed
wrong and we must look further.

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