drop down menus from buttons on switchboard



Currently, I have a main switchboard which contains buttons corresponding to
the different departments of the company I work at - ie. Production, QA,
Engineering. When the buttons are pushed, the activities those departments
can perform open on a new "tier" or switchboard. Some employees are
currently opening up 3, 4, or even 5 new "tiers" in order to perform a task.
I recently had some coworkers ask about the possibility of having the buttons
actually open a drop down menu that would react like the "Start" button does
- ie. Start-->Programs-->MicrosoftOffice-->Access. Does anyone know if this
is possible? And if so, have some good ideas where I can go to dissect some
code for it so that I can modify the database I am working on?

Thanks in advance for any help...even it is to say that this is not possible.



yes, you could add cascading combo box controls to a form, presumably your
idea being to choose from the first "tier" which would then provide a
filtered list in a second "tier" and choosing from that list generating a
filtered list in a third "tier", etc.

you're going to need tables to list the items in each tier and how they're
related to other tiers, though perhaps you already have table data that will
fill that need? at any rate, suggest you start by googling the newsgroups
for "cascading combobox" or some version of those words, since the topic has
been addressed many times here.


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