Drivers for OPTI 82c931 audio card for Windows 2000



I know that Windows 2000 has a problem to recognize the
sound card Opti 82c931.

I want to know if Microsoft or somebody else has fund a

I know also that it's possible to change the computer or
to buy a new sound card. But the answer I am lloking for
is that my sound card »OPTYi 82C931. works in my computer
with thwe Windows 2000 professional.

Can you help me ?
Aug 5, 2012
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I deed it!!!
My old-old-old isa sound card is working now on windows 2000!!
ISA Card: BTC 1817ds (OPTi 82C931).
Very OLD Comp: Pentium 166MMX, 128RAM, windows 2000.
Any drivers for this card do not work on w2k! Many errors.
But i have found solution!
What to do:
1. need any driver for this card (e.g.
2. Turn off PnP mode of card (jumper on sound board).
3. Manually install driver (there will be no any new device, need choose to install from disk and link to drivers).
4. In 16bit window (like win 3.11) need to choose IRQ and press OK. If error (device is not present) - choose another IRQ and press OK. On my win2000 with IRQ10 program closed and windows ask to reboot.
5. Reboot fully comp.
6. Sound appear!!!
I am god! :)
Hello from Russia!

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