i have been having an instant reboot problem, so i turned off aout-restart on
errors, and this blue screen came up. heres the important stuff about what it

if you have not seen this before blah blah blah.....

Tech Info:
**** STOP: 0x000000D1 (0x0A130008, 0x0000000, 0xF73EDD44)

**** fwcore.sys - Address F73F30AD base at F73EC000 DateStamp 40976d06

when it restarted it sent an error report and brought up this

also, i think i may have a problem with my video card, and my power supply
may be too weak. is there any way to fix this without spending more than $20?


well, i am quite sure that i have a damaged video card. it works, but the
damage is somehow causing the drivers not to work properly. i *think* one of
the resistors may have fallen off when i moved the computer. my wqarranty is
void, because the ASUS warranty system states that if a non-professional
takes apart the system the warranty is void. now all i need to know is if
there is any way to make the computer more stable with this card until i can
afford a new one?


The only time I've seen this error personally it had to do with a printer
driver issue. The customer had an HP OfficeJet V.40. Boot to safe mode,
uninstall the printer software, download the most recent driver and install
it. If you don't have the printer I suggest you try this with your video
driver or whatever else you suspect as well.
The explanation from HP was that an incompatibility occurred after
downloading and installing SP4 for windows 2000.

Note: if you can boot into safe mode it is probably not your hardware.



well i should say i have win xp home. and i am very sure that its my video
card or drivers. i have tried new drivers, old ones, and ones in between, and
none helped fix it. the windows error report brought up a web page talking
about graphics drivers too so that just reinforces my dread. does anyone know
a way to make the computer run more stable without getting a new card right

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