dragging a formula in a filtered table



I have a table and I filtered to get specific rows. Now I want to define a
formula in only visible rows. Like subtract the lower cell from the above
cell but this becomes: AI15=(L15-L4) in filtered table. Up till here it is OK
Now I want to drag this formula down but it perform the formula if the
hidden rows are visible. AI30=(L30-L19)
Is there any solution to this?




Hi Khoshravan,

You can copy the formula the select the filtered range, where you want to
paste this formula, now press alt+; on your keyboard and paste- special ->
formulas. This will paste the formula only on visible cells.

Please click on "yes", if it helps. Thanks.
Dilip Kumar Pandey
MBA, BCA, B.Com(Hons.)
(e-mail address removed)
(e-mail address removed)
New Delhi, India

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