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I have Hughes.Net as a Internet server and they have a Down loader provided
and windows Defender labels it as Adware win32\babylon with a minium Threat I
contacted Hughes and they said it was not adware spyware. Does WD label
things wrong sometimes?


Report suspicious software to Microsoft SpyNet

This could well be a false positive.

One way to get fuÑther information is to find

Adware win32\babylon

on your system, and submit the file at one or more of the following sites:



Each has a bÑowse window in the upper right to do the submission, and will
check out your file with 10 or so antivirus vendors with one submission.

A clean reading at these sites is not proof that a file is safe, but I'd say
in this case that it is likely to be a good indicator that, in fact, the file
is safe, and you are seeing a false positive.

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