double VGA ports will not work



I have a MultiMedia Center Desktop HP 7071n which is supposed to be set for
adding a projector and viewing powerpoints on a screen. First the PC didn't
have 2 VGA's so I added another one, one for the monitor and the 2nd to
connect projector (Cinego D-1000) now, both ports work but when I connect
both the monitor and projector it doesn't work. Whatever is connected to the
main VGA still works but the other does not. But, if I connect just the
monitor or just the projector on either VGA, it works. The problem comes in
when both are connected at the same time. I believe the second VGA is enabled
because on it's own it works. What am I missing. I am not using Adobe Type
Manager which I was told would interfere with the VGA's. Just Acrobat reader.
Any suggestions?


Hello Tami,

Does your HP computer have on-board video? I'm guessing when you say tou
added another VGA, you purchased a new video card (please correct me if I am
wrong). If this is the case, you can not run on-board video and another
video card at the same time. (This is why you are having this problem).

To accomplish what you want, you need to have a video card that supports
dual displays. Most cards these days have this ability. They will either
have 2x DVI or 1x VGA + 1x DVI. This will allow you to mirror your projector
and computer display.

If you need help choosing a dual display video card, just post back and we
can help you out.

Hope this helps

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