Double filter for subform



How do I filter a subform on filtered data. Example: currently I filter the
subform based on the data column,which works. However, what I really want is
to find all of the data #'s with the same info #.

Would someone please help me with this issue?

Data Info
12 8989
23 020
34 8989
45 234
23 8989

Data Info
12 8989
34 8989
23 8989

Here is the code I use to find the Data # only.
ElseIf cboFilter = "NCC" Then
strWhere = strWhere & "([STOCK #] Like """ & txtFilterMain & """) AND "
End If
lngLen = Len(strWhere) - 5
If lngLen <= 0 Then
MsgBox "No criteria", vbInformation, "Nothing to do."
Else strWhere = Left$(strWhere, lngLen)
Me![tbl_ERX SubForm].Form.Filter = strWhere
Me![tbl_ERX SubForm].Form.FilterOn = True

End If

Dale Fye


There is no need to use "Like" unless you want to be able to enter "89" into
the txtFilterMain and have it return records for:


And if that is what you want to do, then you need to add some wildcard
characters to strWhere; similar to:

strWhere = strWhere & "([Stock #] Like '*" & me.txtFilterMain & "*') AND "

This particular code would find "89" anywhere in the Stock# field, If you
only want those that start with "89" you would use:

strWhere = strWhere & "([Stock #] Like '" & me.txtFilterMain & "*') AND "

Other than that, it looks like your code should work.

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