Double-Click Won't Open Excel from Explorer



I'm using the new Excel 2007. When I attempt to open an Excel file
from Explorer by double clicking on it the program opens but there is
no worksheet. If I right click and then choose Open, it opens

On March 5th, Leon Hao suggested these solutions:
1. This behavior can occur because of conflicts with the file
2. This behavior can also occur if the Open action entry for this
file type
ends in %1.
3. This problem may occur if the Ignore other applications setting
Excel is

I have tried each of these potential solutions, but the problem

Are there any new ideas on how to solve this irritating problem.

Thanks greatly!

Gord Dibben

One more to try.........

Close Excel first and On the Windows Taskbar

1) Start>Run "excel.exe /unregserver"(no quotes)>OK.
2) Start>Run "excel.exe /regserver"(no quotes)>OK.

See the space between exe and /regserver

You might have to designate a full path to excel.exe.
In that case Start>Run "C:\yourpath\excel.exe /regserver"(no quotes)>OK.

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP


Solution found:

I kept Office 2003 installed on my system, so it was necessary to go
into Excel 2003 --> Tools --> Optons --> General Tab and check the box
"Ignore Other Applications." By doing this all files now open
instantly using double click in Explorer.

It just never crossed my mind that I'd have to do this in Excel 2003
as well as in 2007. Oh well, live and learn.

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