Don't Embed Image in Document



I have a document with my signature (a linked image) at the bottom. When I
open/print the document, I want my signature to appear. But when someone else
(on another computer) opens/prints the document, I don't want my signature to

I thought using the "link to file" command would have solved this problem,
but I believe word saves a copy of the signature image into the word file. Is
it possible to setup word to not embed an image into the document?



Hi Ryan,

You could do this by combining an IF test of the UserName with a linked graphic, using field coding along the lines of:
{IF{UserName}= "My Name" {INCLUDEPICTURE "C:\\My Documents\\MySig.jpg"}}
You can create such a field by pressing Ctrl-F9 twice to create a pair of nested fields, thus:
{{ }}
then moving the cursor between either two outer field braces and pressing Ctrl-F9 again to create the third field, thus:
{{ }{ }}
then filling in and around them as indicated. You'll need to use the correct UserName (as it appears under Tools|Options) and the
correct path and filename for your image, of course, and you'll need to ensure you you two backslashes (ie '\\') for each of the
path separators instead of the usual one.

When you're done, press F9 to update. If all's well, the graphic should appear. If you edit the UserName and press F9 again, the
graphic should disappear.


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