Domain Login Takes Too Long


Bruce Jakiel

I've currently have a Windows 2000 server acting as the
main domain controller for my lab. The clients
acccessing this server are all Windows XP clients with
the same domain. I've created users for "single login"
capability on the Windows 2000 Server. I'm able to login
into the XP machines using these users, but it takes
almost 5 minutes for the XP machine to load the personal
settings. My question is how can this time be decreased,
as five minutes is much too long to wait.

Greg M

I have that same exact issue have you resolved it yet?
Please let me know.

(e-mail address removed)



On the local, client machines, change their TCP/IP
settings from auto-detect DNS and add the Domain
Controllers IP as the first DNS server in the lookup
fields. This should solve your problem.

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