Domain Functional Level in a parent/child domain structure



I currently have the following setup:
1 secured root domain 1 forest. Forest functional level is Win 2K native.
Domain Functional level of the root domain is Win 2K native. I have child
domains that hang off of the root forest and would like to do the following.
I have a domain that is a Win 2K3 domain and wanted to know if I can raise
the domain functional level of this one child domain and not affect any of
the other domains. I beleive that this is the case but wanted to get input
since this is a irreversable action. The real reason is that I want the
Domain functional level to Win2K3 so that I can rename some recently moved
servers to the apporpriate site name/location. And the easiest way is to use
the 2003 native netdom tool to do so. Any thoughts.

Joe Richards [MVP]

Yes you can have one or more domains in a single forest at different domain
functional levels. That is fully supported.


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