Domain Controller Crashed - Other servers don't have 'copies' of A



Environment (pretty vanilla):
1 domain
1 Win2K SP4 domain controller running AD, DHCP, DNS
1 Win2K SP4 backup controller running DNS (and I THOUGHT it would provide a
copy of AD if the domain controller went down - I was wrong)
1 Win2K SP4 Exchange 2003 server

Long story short, the domain controller crashed and now I can't access the
AD from the backup dc or the Exchange server. I thought AD would replicate
to the other servers in cases like this....!?

Meinolf Weber

Hello Lori,

If the settings were fine, it does. So lets check what you really have.

Is the second server Global catalog server?
Open Active directory site and services, go to Sites, default first site
name, servers, choose the server, right click NTDS settings, open properties
and checkmark Global catalog (check event viewer after it, in Directory service

you must find event id 1110 and 1119)

How is the DNS setup on the exchange and the running DC? Please post an ipconfig
/all from both machines.

You said, you can't acces AD, how do you try it? Logging on to the server
and open Active directory users and computers? Or are you trying to login
with a client machine to the domain? Be more specific about it and post all
complete error messages here.

For exchange to work the exchange server has to authenticete with one DC.
Check in Exchange system manager under recipients update service, right pane
to which domain controller the server points.

Best regards

Meinolf Weber
Disclaimer: This posting is provided "AS IS" with no warranties, and confers
no rights.


Do you have a System State backup of that DC ?
Can I assume that the second DC is not a DC at all, but just runs DNS ?

If you have a recent System State available, I would
- reinstall the OS of the broken DC
- restore the System state from the backup


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