Domain at work, Workgroup at home


Ian Stock

I'm using Win 2000 on a domain based network at work. I have a small home
network (3 computers) at home under a workgroup.

Other than resetting the domain/workgroup IDs each time I change location,
is there a way to kept the work settings and still access the home




You should still be able to map drives and get internet
even with a different domain/workgroup name at home. More
important than the workgroup name is often the IP address
range and subnet/gateway.
Do you have DHCP at home? If so that should do the job,
as long as you include your local DNS and WINS info in the
network cards IP config. (make them last on the list)

Browsing the network may or may not work, but again, hard
mapping of drives \\computername\share or
\\computername\c$ (for C:\) from the start-run command or
network mapping of drives should be OK. I know, I do the
same thing at home.


Hi Ian
If you are mobile with your laptop you should try
MultiNetwork Manager from
The product handles much more than just connectivity
allowing you to be productive straight away at each
location/ Network
the new version also has autodetect functionality for both
wired and wireless lans, I can only recommend this product


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