Does Visual Studio.NET PRO 2005 include ASP.NET web service template?


Rachel Garrett

This is driving me mad. I have Visual Studio.NET PRO 2005 installed on
my machine at work. I want to write a web service. I find lots of
tutorials on how to do this with Visual Studio.NET; some are even
Visual Studio.NET 2005.

These tutorials all have screenshots of the "Visual Studio Installed
Templates" under Visual C#. Here is one example:

This person's Visual Studio 2005 IDE includes the following Visual C#
installed templates:

--Windows Application
--Class Library
--Windows Control Library
--Console Application
--ASP.NET Web Application

The last one is what I want. But my Visual Studio.NET Pro 2005

--Windows Application
--Console Application
--Crystal Reports Application
--Class Library
--Windows Library
--Device Application

So far, I have two theories:

1) Microsoft, for some reason, took away ASP.NET Web Application in
the "pro" version.
2) I was given the wrong version of Visual Studio, not the .NET

Any ideas?


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