Does anyone know how to insert these non-breaking paragraph marks?

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Confuised Paragraph

I've recently come across a template with a wonderful property, but I have no
idea how to reproduce it. It's a non-breaking paragraph mark. It allows you
to create a table of contents using a heading style without making the entire
paragraph show up in the TOC. An illustration may be helpful. "[P]" stands
for the paragraph mark that you see when you turn show formatting.

Living Room Specifications. [P] The living room must have dimentions of X by
Y by Z. Flooring is to be hard wood. The west wall is to have a built-in book
shelf. The remainder of this paragraph continues with specifications. [P]

Now, when you put your cursor over the phrase "Living Room Specifications"
it shows up as the style "heading 1." And that line has all of the heading 1
formatting. But, there is no line break following the [P] marker. The text
that follows has the "normal" style applied to it. And when the creat TOC is
created, the TOC has "Living Room Specifications" before the leader.

I don't know if it's significant, but the first "[P]" is surrounded by a
dotted box. If anyone knows how this works, please let me know. This feature
is very useful.


The paragraph mark is "Hidden" (under Format Font) this is sometimes used to
create the style break to allow the TOC definition required.
Hope this helps

Stefan Blom

It is a hidden paragraph mark, as DeanH wrote, or a style separator. The
difference is that, unlike hidden paragraph marks, style separators allow
you to view the split paragraph as it would appear in a printed document,
even if nonprinting marks are displayed.

You can insert style separators via the Style Separator command, which you
can add to a toolbar (Word 2003) or to the Quick Access Toolbar (Word 2007).

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