Documents Folder Redirected Rename Question




- Win2003 SBS, SP1 domain, native mode
- Users' Documents folders manually redirected to the server on each
client (read: not using a GPO, because I don't do this on all the
clients...just the two I normally use) in the following manner:


- Until I installed WinVista Beta 2, each client was WinXP, SP2
- WinVista Beta 2 client is installed under VMWare and joined to the

What Happened:

When I redirected the documents folder properties on the Vista client
for user_1 to \\server\users\user_1, the user_1 folder on the server
was apparently renamed \\server\users\documents, all of user_1's
documents appeared under that documents folder, and the user_1's folder
was empty. The reason I say "apparently" is because the process was
near-instantaneous, so with 3gb of data files, I don't think the files
were moved during the process. It seems to me there shouldn't be any
"arbitrary" renaming of folders as part of folder redirection.

I have only attempted this process once, but before I spend much time on
it was wondering if anyone else encountered this? I am uncertain if
this can be quantified as a bug or normal operation.


Bastiaan Houtkooper

I did the same but somewhere in the process it asked me if I wanted to
rename "My Documents"to "Documents" (and did not)
Then everythings worked as before, just my pictures etc. are outside my
Still have some issues with some folder not having the rights to beopened
under Vista but thats another story :)

reg. Bastiaan

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