Document sent and returned by email seems to have 'changed back in part




A friend sent me a translation to finish off (he had started it on his computer)

At my end, when the document left my computer, it had no red or green squiggly lines indicating errors and all the French brackets <> had been changed to ()

At the other end, the friend says there are loads of red and green squiggly lines everywhere and that the document is full of <>

I still had the document in Outlook 'sent' and I have just opened it again to check. It is ok at my end.

So my question is what could be causing all this (I believe the friend)

I know that Word has a tool where it keeps subsequent versions of a document and I'm wondering what would happen if the document left his computer and then came back later and this option was activated?

What else might be causing this?

Thanks in advance

Peter T. Daniels

He has his "check grammar and spelling" doohickey turned on (and his
system is probably set to a language other than the target language of
the translation).

Hmm, if, as I do, you do the translation directly in a copy of the
source-language document, did you remember to change the Language
setting? I usually forget to do that until the first time I type
quotes or punctuation and it comes out wrong.

I have not found, though, that Word will auto-convert quotation marks
and such when you change the Language of a document. (I sometimes wish
it would, because when I translate something from French, I have to do
a Find/Replace to get rid of all the nonbreaking spaces before the
colons and semicolons.)

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