Document prints wrong size, locally



Hi all,

I have a weird problem that has confused me and my collegues.

We have a PC that when you print from Word XP, the document prints a small
copy on A4 (the actual print size looks to be A5).

However when we connect remotly (Remote desktop connection) and take over
the session of the user, when we print, the page comes out full size.

The local user then retakes control of the PC, and word prints the small
version again - no changes are made between the transition from local to
remote control.

This problem only occurs in Word. In all other packages (i.e. IE, excell
the page prints in full A4 at local and remote control).

We have tried reinstalling the printer, replacing All the
settings are fine, it just prints A5 size locally, A4 remotly and only in

Any one got any ideas?

(running XP pro with Office XP S.B.E. using SP3).

Thanks for any help.




Hi Dynamo-

Can't remember if XP has this setting or not, but take a look at
Tools>Options>Print. If there is a checkbox for 'Allow A4/Letter paper
resizing' reverse the status of it.

HTH |:>)

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