docmd.transfertext acExportFixed



At the end of processing I export out a fixed length record using a query.
There are nine different queries that I run.
Sometimes the text file is created and sometimes not. It appears the problem
is that one query isn't finished before the next one starts. I have tried
putting a for loop with a count to slow things down but that also is hit or

Below is the code that I am using.
What I can do to make the program slow down enough to let each query run and
successfully export the text file?

Thanks in advance for any help.
DoCmd.TransferText acExportFixed, "Max&ErmasDownload", _
"qryDownload4", "J:\Max&Ermas\Weekly\MaxErma4.txt"

DoCmd.TransferText acExportFixed, "Max&ErmasDownload", _
"qryDownload5", "J:\Max&Ermas\Weekly\MaxErma5.txt"


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