Do I need Exchange Server?


Doug Rock

Heres my question:

I have 2 computers. We'll call them Computer A and Computer B. My Main
computer is Computer A and I have a few programs installed on it that I want
Computer B to run. Mainly my MS Office Outlook. I want Computer B to execute
MS Outlook from my Computer A through the LAN Network. I want Computer B to
send and receive emails. Then when I open the program on computer A all the
emails send and received will show up on computer A.

Is this possible?

Heres the low down. I run Computer A to build my web site. While the wifey
handles the email/customer serive and orders. Everything (programs and
files)is located on Computer A. She is running computer B. I want her to be
able to read and answer emails from her Computer B, yet leave all the emails
and copy's of the sent emails on my Computer A. Of course when she is
running Outlook on Computer B, I will not have it open on my Computer A.

Is this possible to do? If so, how do I set it up? I currently have the 2
computers networked through a router and file/printer sharing is enabled.

Do I need to run exchange server?




neo [mvp outlook]

No. You could create an Outlook mail profile on computer B that stores the
PST file on a computer A. (Note: This configuration isn't supported by
Microsoft, but the user interface lets you do this.)

You do all this magic via the mail applet in the control panel.

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