Do I need DLL or COM Addin, Excel Addin



My company has users that have written Excel VBA programs to read/
input data using a JWalk active x control to basically screenscrape
JWalk panels over a green screen program. All of that is going away.
It is now a web based interface and the users still want to write
macros to automate some data retrieval/entry tasks.
The new web based program will have exposed web services that will be
able to get data and input data.
So now my question - I want to hide the complications of calling a web
service so aVBA macro writer can do something like

Dim X as WebServiceObject
account = X.GetAccountnum("John")
balance =X.GetBalance(account)
I've written lots of vba code and excel addins(.xla) but am not
familiar with creating DLL's and ComAddins and all the other flavors
available in Visual Studio.

A) can this be done ?
B) IF so what approach should I take. I have Visual Studio 2010, we
are using Excel 2007. What kind of project am I trying to create?
Should I create a DLL, COM Addin, Workbook Template, or Workbook
Addin? I think just a DLL (is that a class library?) since the
webservice object doesn't need to interact with Excel spreadsheet as
in capture events etc, I image my webservice object will only send and
retrieve information. My understanding is that a COM Addin is
designed to interact with the Excel object model. Maybe I use a big
reusable class module in Excel that a user has to add to each of their
programs. (that is what I currently do for the old jwalk method)

If you happen to have a link to a good tutorial for the right method
that would be much appreciated.
THANKS for your help!


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