Do all Word 2007 versions have the same features?


David Satz

There appears to be a regular version of Word 2007 as well as a "Home and
Student" version for about half the price. Is the "Home and Student" version
of Word 2007 a subset of the regular product? Specifically, does the "Home
and Student" version have the same VBA (macro) programming environment as the
full product?

If this information is on Microsoft's Office Web site, I'd be glad for a
pointer to it there--I spent quite some time looking for it, though, and
couldn't find it.

--best regards



Peter T. Daniels

The only difference seems to be that if you try to use Home&Student
for a commercial purpose, you're in big trouble.

Doug Robbins - Word MVP

The Word software is the same. The Home and Student version of Office does
not include Outlook

Hope this helps.

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Doug Robbins - Word MVP, originally posted via



Graham Mayor

The version of Word in the Home and Student Version of Office is identical
to all other versions of Word. The only difference is a label in the title
bar - 'Microsoft Word non-commercial use' - which purportedly limits the
legitimate uses to which this version can be applied. But the associated
pseudo legal jargon is so loosely written that it excludes any purpose for
which you might use a word processor, so is meaningless. I cannot see
Microsoft being able to uphold this particular non-commercial use clause
should it ever come to court, but it does give them an excuse to sell a
cheaper product to the home and student market without upsetting the
business users who pay full price.

The various Office packages available include different products. The most
significant omission from the Home and Student version is Outlook (arguably
the best bit of Office 2007).
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