DNS entries not saved after reboot



Just took over admin of a DNS server that is not saving dns changes after
I add an A record and it looks fine. After a reboot the DNS reverts to the
setup prior to the reboot.

Looked at the actual DNS files and noticed that the original DNS file looks
After a change is made there is a new file that looks like:
Looking at the content of the files the example.com.dns file contains the
change but the example.com file does not.

After looking at all of the files in the dns folder there are about a dozen
that have two files...1 with the example.com file name and another with the
example.com.dns file name. In every case the two files are different.

After reboot it appears that the


Sorry...didn't finish
The example.com.dns is a .temp file created when any change is made but the
info is never updated to the example.com file. IE...the actual DNS record is
never changed.

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