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I have written an ASCX control with 99% of the logic in a spearate class in
it's own dll assembly. I want to ship the ascx control and the dll to other
users but I need to protect my code in the dll as I don't want anyone to see
the code.

I built a deployment project, built a reference to the dll and all of my
code is exposed. Along with the dll came a .pdb and a .xml.

My first question is: is there any way to hide my code short of obfuscation
so users can't see the source.

I then registered the commuity edition of dotfuscator and ran it against my
dll but the obfuscated version does not work as the methods can't be seen.
The obfuscation project did come up with some messages. The professional
version costs too much money.

What's my best route?




Kumar Reddi

If you tell us why you are not able to use obfuscator, may be someone would
be able to help..

I used Remotesoft .net obfuscator couple of times and it worked fine for
me.. May be you wanna give it a try


Nov 21, 2009
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It did not work probably becuase methods were referenced by their original names, either directly in your code or indirectly by .Net/3rd party assemblies. You will probably need to exlcude such methods from renaming.
Have a look at Crypto Obfuscator (http://www.ssware.com/cryptoobfuscator/obfuscator-net.htm) which costs less and will use intelligent rules to auto-exclude such methods from renaming,

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