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MariaLouise Denmark

I have read through all the post about #div/0 error when making a formula
with average, but I cannot seem to get any of them to work?
I've tried entering the array formula, pressing ctrl+ shift+ enter, but it
just comes up with "the formular you have enteret contains an error"
I'm not very experienced in using Excell, but usually I'm pretty good with
stuff like this, so it's so very frustrating! (also I'm Danish, so maybe I'm
missing something in the translation)
Could you step by step tell me what to do?

I've tried this one (among others!)


BR Maria



Jerry W. Lewis

Your posted formula, when array entered, will average the numeric values in
cells C12:I12. It will return #DIV/0 if there are no numeric values in
C12:I12. A simpler array formula that will do the same thing is

The message you reported implies that the formula you attempted to use is
not quite the same as the formula that you posted. Try copying from the post
and pasting into the formula entry area instead of retyping.


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