Displaying zero values as gap in a chart



I am looking for a way to display zero values in my charts as gaps. Right
now I there is a big slant in my chart that I am trying to get rid of. The
range I am using has formular in them, so even when the cells evaluate to
blanks, they are displayed as zeros on the chart.
Any help will be greatly apprecaited.



Jon Peltier

"" is not a blank, it is a short text value. Excel evaluates text as zero.

In the formula, replace "" by NA(), which places #N/A into the cell. A
line chart or XY chart will not plot a point where the value is #N/A. If
there are points on each side of the #N/A, these points will be
connected by the line. If the series ends with one or more #N/A, there
will not be a line to the end of the chart.

There is no way for a formula to return a true blank.

- Jon

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