DIsplaying negative time values




I have two columns of time values. I need to determine the difference
between the two values and return either a positive or negative time
value. The table below is in hours and minutes

Time A Time B
09:00:00 09:00:00
09:00:00 09:03:00
09:00:00 08:58:00

In the above example First row should be "00:00:00", Second row
should be "00:03:00", and Third row should be "-00:02:00"

When subtracting Time B from Time A for the first two rows i get the
correct value, but the third row returns as "##########" I have tried
changing do different formats but nothing seems to be working.

How do i go about displaying it with a negative symbol
Any help would be greatly appreciated.




Fred Smith

To display negative times, you have two options:
1. Switch to the 1904 date system (beware of the pitfalls before you do).
2. Display the absolute value, and precede with a negative sign, as in:
or, putting them both together:


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