Displaying Information in one Table based on information in anothe


Ray C

I have a Table containing Suppliers Information and the two fields I am
interested in are "SupplierID" and "SupplierName",
I have a Customer Table that contains the "SupplierID".
I have a Form that is based on the Customer Table.
On that form, I can easily pick and display the "SupplierID" because that
info is held in that particular Table.
What I want to do is to display the "SupplierID" from the info held in the
Customer Table but I want to use that ID Number to look up the "SupplierID"
held in the Supplier Table and display "SupplierName" info associated with
that "SupplierID".
I can do this in a Combo Box by setting the "RowSource" but I dont know how
to do it with a Text Box.
Can anyone help Please?
Thanks RayC

Arvin Meyer [MVP]

As you mentioned, a combo box would be easier, but if you really want to use
a textbox:

Instead of basing your form directly on a table, base it on a query where
the 2 tables are joined on SupplierID. Add the name from the Supplier's
table and display it in the text box.

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