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Michael Williamson

Is it possible to display a single item in the Outlook View Control?
Basically my problem is that I have a customized contact form, and a
customized task form. On the third page of the contact form there is
a View Control which displays all the tasks associated with this
contact. Both forms work fine, but my boss would like to have the
task form embedded on the contact and update when an item is selected
from the View Control. I also need to be able to edit and save the
item. Ideally, I would like to eliminate the code duplication, so
displaying the item in a view control seems like the best method.
However, if this is not possible I will duplicate (or at least scale
down) the task form onto the contact form. My concern about this
solution is the notes field. I need to be able to at least save it
with-out losing existing formatting. I don't think this is possible
if I copy it in and out of a text control. One more stipulation is
that all components used must be part of Windows 2000/IE6, Office 2000
or Outlook 2002.

Thanks for your time and your support,

-- Michael.



Sue Mosher [MVP]

No. The OVC, as its name suggests, displays folder views, not individual items. To transfer the fully formatted RTF Body, you'll need to use either CDO and a special .dll or Redemption, which means you can't do it under your constraints.
Sue Mosher, Outlook MVP
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Author of
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