Display Relational tables in a query


Bill Duris


I have 2 relational tables that a query currently displays like this:
X1 Y1
X2 Y2
X2 Y3

In other words, it repeats the first column when there are multiple values
in the second column. I'd like the query to print like this:

Eventually, I'd like to export the query to a xml file. I can get a report
to print this way, but MS Access 2002 won't let me export a report in
display mode to xml. It will only let me export a query to xml.

Any idea how I can get the query to print in the second format?

Allen Browne

You cannot print the query like that, but it is very easy to do in a report.

Ultimately you could export the report as XML if you are using Access 2003.

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