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I have a Switchboard form on which I have been displaying a small picture of
our office in the upper left hand corner. Now we have a branch office and
they would like a picture of their office to display. How can I display the
correct picture depending on which office opens the Switchboard menu? When
the Switchboard opens, I have a field that tells me which office I'm dealing
with but I just don't know how to get the correct picture, of the two, on the


Assuming you have the images saved in a specific folder:


The image field on the switchboard is lblImg
The site field (helpful if it's a field on the Switchboard) is Site
with possible values of 'site1' and 'site2'

You would add code to the On Load Property of the Switchboard

Public Sub Form_Load()

Dim stImg As String
Dim stSite As String

stSite = Me!Site
stImg = ""

If stSite = "site1" Then
stImg = "M:\Sites\Image\Img1.jpg"
stImg = "M:\Sites\Image\Img2.jpg"
End If

Me.lblImg.Picture = stImg

End Sub

That should work, I didn't have a form to test it on though. Hope that helps

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