Diskless client for windows 2000


Muhammad Sajid

I have a Domain Controller (Windows 2000 Server) also a
DHCP Server on a Network. i have a lancar with PXE enabled
(client can boot from network). How can i configure my
server so that i can boot a diskless workstation from
Thanks in advance
Muhammad Sajid



El Marko

1. Ensure bootprom chip is working in NIC

2. Configure DHCP options to MAC address, bootfile name and boot server

3. Create bootable Network Client Disk

4. Boot to network on disk, change directory to tftpboot

5. Run imagegen

6. tftp boot download folder has to be the same as where image file is

El Marko

Unfortunately, no. This was a proceedure I had to use on my own here at the
office to make sure our diskless workstations would be able to login to a
Windows 2000 server.

The tftpboot part may not be necessary. I needed to create that to download
an image file for the workstations to use in our MFG department. Probably
the first three steps might be all that's needed just to get on the network.
And in step 2, reserve an IP address to the MAC address of the card. Again,
depending on your requirements, you may not need to do a bootfile and
bootserver option.



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