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I have disk quotas enable on my W2K server. I have a few
users with unlimited settings. They have huge amounts of
data but they are unsure what the data is. Is there a way
to run a script or query that shows me every file that
someone owns?

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I am not sure I understand your requirement, But if what you want is to
extract the owner information from a file you need to find a scripting
Interface against the NTFS file system since this information is actually
kept in the ACL for the file. There is a dll file called adssecur.dll that
needs to be registered to provide this, and you can find it in the ADSI 2.5
SDK wich is part of the Windows SDK . After you have registered this dll,
you could script something like this to extract the info

Dim sec, sd

Set sec = Wscript.CreateObject("ADsSecurity")
Set sd = sec.GetSecurityDescriptor("FILE://c:\myFile.txt") 'replace with
file you want info from

wScript.Echo "Control Flag: " & sd.Control & vbCrLf & "Group Owner: " & _
sd.Group & vbCrLf & "Owner: " & sd.Owner & vbCrLf & _
"SD Revision: " & sd.Revision

If this is what you are after, let me know and I can tune the script to
enumerate everything from a given searchpoint


Niclas Lindblom

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