Disk Cleanup; New entries appear



Running Vista Home Prem\32bit.
Bden running Disk Cleanup for a year. When I ran Disk Cleanup this time I
saw 4 entries that I have NEVER seen before:

Per user Archived Windows Error Report... 65.7MB
Per User Queued Windows error Report... 828MB
System Archived Windows Error Report... 60.6KB
System Queued Windows Error report,,,, 580MB

There is a Link that explains this issue:


This is thought to be caused by some registry cleaning program that was
allowed to delete or delete part of these registry entries located at

Cleaning these listed items in Disk Cleanup without fixing this bug first
will cause you to have to reinstall Vista.

The Link provides a .reg file that it says fixes the Registry problem caused
by the 3rd party Cleaner. I have done nothing as yet....since the link
although is right on point for this issue, is not a Microsoft Site.

Should I run this FIX? How should I correct this issue? Given I have never
seen these 4 entries ever before, surely they cannot be a normal thing to see
after running Disk Cleanup.

Anyone else experince this issue?



John Barnett MVP

If a program crashes a report is created. You usually have the option to
'send' that report to Microsoft, alternatively, the report is stored until
such a time as you do decide to send the report. During the course of time a
number of problems may occur that result in these 'error reporting' files
being created and stored ready for transfer to Microsoft. This is what you
are seeing. It is nothing sinister. I see exactly the same as you do until I
clear the error reports out by clicking the boxes next to the relevant
option in Disk Cleanup. Only yesterday I did a disk cleanup on Windows 7 and
found the same error reporting files.


John Barnett MVP
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