disable alt and control shortcut keys



If I have created macros that are associated with Shortkut keys...

for instance Ctrl+b = will run macro associated with b as shortcut

Is there anyway to disable all the default shortcut keys....like Ctrl+p
will bring up the print dialog box....I only want to use the shortcut
keys that my macros are assigned to...

thanks for any help


There is information here:

If there isn't another way it looks like it would be quite a job to disable
every one.

With Application
.OnKey "^c", "" 'Copy shortcut disabled
.OnKey "^v", "" 'Paste shortcut disabled
.OnKey "^x", "" 'Cut shortcut disabled
.OnKey "^p", "" 'Print shortcut disabled
End With

If you want them back:

With Application
.OnKey "^c" 'Copy shortcut enabled
.OnKey "^v" 'Paste shortcut enabled
.OnKey "^x" 'Cut shortcut enabled
.OnKey "^p" 'Print shortcut enabled
End With

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