Directory structure App_Code, Bin when using partitioned website and SSL


Frank Miverk


I have a situation which I think is fairly common.

1. Public area
2. Secure area accessed via SSL


Where MyWebsite currently contains the App_Code, and the Bin directory.
(and as such, my namespace in all code that belongs to MySecureWebsite is

However, it appears to me (and maybe because I'm fairly new to .NET) that
only one Bin and one App_Code directory can live under a Visual Studio 2005
Pro Project.

I suppose I can move the App_Code and Bin directory to the MySecureWebsite
area, but then what if I want to turn my public website into ASPX pages that
use codebehind and custom biz classes? Wouldn't this require a /Bin and a
/App_Code directory at the root level of MyWebsite?

And moving these directories also breaks the namespace.

Note that MySecureWebsite may also be a Virtual Directory under IIS, and
when it is, I get different behavior -- pages don't load, etc. Things
happening I don't fully understand just yet.

I'm basically asking for tips on how to go about setting up my
project/solution so that I can have a public website, and within that
website have a secure partition, where /images /css can be shared/accessed,
and where /bin is visible to the partition.
MS has tips here, but I'm not seeing anything about the /bin and /app_code






first the security regarding source files ( App_Code )
is irelevant to the security in global
because it's compiled
the point is that you have to secure certain pictures / pages
and for that you should use the 2.0 security model , it's great
using website configuration and web.config spread around the relevant
( web.config with security configured appropriately for each directory )

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