Difficulty with forums all day!!!

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I haven't been able to get into these forums all day. I have tried for hours
because of a big problem I'm having with vista. Does anyone know why there
could be such a problem signing on when I know I have been using the correct
email and password to log in? I am at my wits end with these forums.
Unfortunatly, I need to find answers.

Alan Edwards


Mick Murphy


db.·.. >

you might also try another
microsoft newsreader called
windows live.

it is basically a replacement
for outlook express.


then there is always using
the google groups to read
and post to these windows
help newsgroups.

the google group servers
are also networked to the
microsoft servers.

the only difference would
be that you would then use
a google log in to log in to
google servers/groups.


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