different links for each sheet



i have a workbook with 5 worksheets and i want to link 5 different links to
those each worksheet. i tried updating the link sheet by sheet but its
updating all the sheet... can anyone help me with this...thank you in advance

Gord Dibben

What would you be linking to and how are you creating those links?

Gord Dibben MS Excel MVP


the link file also excel.but different workbooks.
link workbook 1 in sheet 1(workbook A)
link workbook 2 in sheet 2(workbook A)
and so on...

Gord Dibben

You must enter your linking formulas in each sheet.

Make sure the sheets in WorkbookA are not grouped when entering the

WorkbookA sheet1 =[workbook1.xls]Sheet1!$A$1

WorkbookA sheet2 =[workbook2.xls]Sheet1!$A$1

WorkbookA sheet3 =[workbook3.xls]Sheet1!$A$1

If you go to Edit>Links you will see the three workbooks you have linked to.

If you change source workbook1 to source workbook5, it should affect only
the one link on WorkbookA sheet1


when you change the source workbook you will also have to change the
sheetname in your formula if that sheetname does not exist in the new source

Easy, isn't it<g>


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