different kind of Access opening problem on network



I want to have an Access file on one computer ("A") to be able to be
opened by computer ("B") on my peer to peer network. Computers both
have Windows XP and Access XP. Call the Access file residing on A
file "C". Here's the problem:

With file C residing on A, if I try to open C from B, I get this
message on B:
message heading(in the blue bar) Open file-security warning
The text of the message is
Do you want to open this file?
Name [correct file name]
Publisher: Unknown Publisher
Type: Microsoft Access
From: [correct network address]

with a choice of buttons OK or Cancel

When I click OK I get a message
message heading(in the blue bar) Microsoft Access
The text of the message is
Microsoft Access cannot open this file. This file is located outside
your intranet or on an untrusted site.

However, A can open Access files that reside on B. When i copy that
file C (currently on "A") onto "B", [call the copied file onto B file
"D"], I can open D on B, and A can open D on B [but as I say, B cannot
open C on A]. Plus, if I create a new Word document on A, B CAN open
that Word doc residing on A, B can change the Word doc on A etc. So
it seems like it only for Access that a file residing on A cannot be
opened on B. How do I get B to be able to open the Access file on A?

Thank you for your help!!!!!!!!!



Bill Mosca, MS Access MVP

I think all you need to do is add A to B's trusted intranet.

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