Different headers and footers on varying length templates




I'm hoping someone can come up with an answer on this as I'm really

I've been given the task of converting all my organisation's letters
into Word (2000) templates. One of the templates relies on autotext,
and can contain quite lengthy lists. Sometimes it would be a single
page long, sometimes 5 or 6 pages.

The organisation address and logo are in the header of page 1.
Obviously, if the document is only 1 page long that's great. However I
can't find a way of removing it from all subsequent pages (it's fine
with fixed-length templates, but it's the variable-length one that's
killing me) if the letter stretches to 2 or more pages.

Please can anyone advise?

Thanks in advance


Herb Tyson [MVP]

In File - Page Setup, Layout tab, use the Different First Page option.


Thanks suzanne (and Herb) for replying. Neither solution seems to
work. I've just pulled the information out of the header and into the
main body of the text.

Thanks again, though


Herb Tyson [MVP]

There's no good reason for this not to be working for you. It might be a
simple matter of grasping how headers work and employing a few simple steps.

Without the "Different first page" option, Word will replicate header
information on each page of a given document section. When you enable the
"Different first page" option, Word now allows the heading on page 1 and
subsequent pages to be different.

While on page 1, choose View - Header and Footer. In the Header, type the
text you want to appear on page 1. It should say "First Page Header" right
above where you type the header information, with a dotted box around the
header area (this is in Print Layout view).

In the Header and Footer toolbar, click Show Next (just to the left of the
Close button). This will take you to the header used for page 2 - end.
There, either type what you want or delete the header shown so that pages
2-end will appear as you want.

All this assumes that the document has only one section. If you have
multiple sections, then the Same as Previous button in the Header and Footer
toolbar comes into play. But, I'll leave that for now to avoid possible
information overload.


Herb Tyson [MVP] wrote:

Herb, thank you so much for not letting this go. Although I knew (or
thought I did) everything in principle about setting up the headers,
and had obviously missed something fairly fundamental. I followed your
notes and it's now sorted.



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