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I am trying to set up an open house flier spreadsheet that will compute
monthly payments as I change the interest rate, term, purchase price,
etc. The problem that I'm having is I need to change column widths
further down the page to make my tables with the data format nicely for
the printing. Obviously, if I change one column, it changes all the
columns and messes up my previous formatting.

There has got to be a simple solution to this but I don't believe I can
have different column widths on the same page. What is the answer here?

Thanks so much!



Roger Govier


Every column can have its width set independently.
However, it has to be the same width down through all 65536 rows(XL2003 and
earlier) or for the 1 million+ rows of XL2007.
You cannot have cell widths within the same column different to any other
cell in the column.

This can be overcome using Format>Cells>Alignment>Merge where you can for
any row, cause the cell to "appear" wider by taking up two or more column
Merged cells can give all sorts of problems in other areas, so it is
preferable to use the option
Format>Cells>Alignment>Horizontal>Center across Selection.

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