Difference between WMM 2.1 and WMM 6.0?



I have Vista and it came with Windows Movie Maker 6 and I like it a lot.
What is the difference between 6 and version 2?

When I get a new 'puter with Win7, I realize I won't have WMM anymore. Can I
copy the folder "Movie Maker" with all its files and sub-folders from
C:\Program Files from the Vista machine to the new Win7 machine and run the
application file there, without installing? Or is there a better way?


My http://www.papajohn.org/AboutMovieMaker.html has some info about the
different versions of Movie Maker.

The Windows 7 section of my site is where I'm covering things that work on
the new system. Some are using MM6 copied from Vista.... I'm using MM2.1
from XP. Some features work fine and others don't.... still exploring.

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