difference between mail and fax in Inbox of OL




I can receive and send a fax with Outlook. If I receive a fax it looks
like an email which has a tif-Document as attachment. This document is
now in my inbox in outlook. My question is now, is there a difference
between an email and an fax, how I can differ what it is, so that I
can say, if this for example property is true, it is a fax? Is there a

Who can help me?



Russ Valentine [MVP-Outlook]

Answer would depend upon the fax software and Outlook version you are using,
neither of which you mentioned. Since no current version of fax software
even supports routing to the Outlook Inbox, many of us cannot check this for
you. Can't you just examine the properties of the fax message yourself (such
as Message Class)? If you can't, then post your fax software and Outlook
version so that someone who can mimic your setup can do it for you.



Duke Williams

Talking about that, in my case that Outlook2002 works with WinFax 10.03,
the fax message received says

Title :WinFax PRO Receive Message

The fax has been received successfully.
The duration of the transmission is 0 min 50 sec, and speed is 14400 bps.
Total number of pages received is 1.

and FAX attched has fxo exetension.

The case means WinFax has transformed received FAX to the message
type suitable to be handled with Outlook2002 attaching the title and
message as well as fxo data of received FAX .

Your case may be the same with tiff extension FAX data.
As for "Property", right clicking any message title will not give you
the property of message in Outlook2002 different from Outlook Express.

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