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I want to establish a Dial Up Network to an ISP. My WinCE.net 4.2 device
cannot communicate via COM1, It's a PSION WorkAbout PRO, and the provider
argues that in the beginning, this device was not planned to have RS232 Port
so WinCe is not prepared to use it. With the OpenNetCF i was able to open
this port and send some data to a printer.
But Now, I want to use a Serial Modem to conect to Internet, but the native
way of WinCE can't achieve it. IS there any library to connect to internet
via Serial Modem with CF.net??

Thank you!

Best Regards,



Paul G. Tobey [eMVP]

That's an issue of which pieces are included in the operating system, not
anything to do with .NETCF. If PSION says, no, you can't do that, I think
I'd trust them.

Paul T.

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